WBC 2019 Jonas

New photo gallery about the World BikeTrial Championship 2019 that was held in Kramolin, Czech Republic, from the 12th to the 17th August 2019. Photos by

WBC 2019 GROUP b DAY 2

The World BikeTrial Championship 2019, second competition day in Kramolin for Poussin, Benjamin, Femine, Minime and Major today 16th of August 2019. 

WBC 2019 1B

World BikeTrial Championship 2019 run in Kramolin, Czech Republic, and we can show you the results and the beautifull photo service by Mr. Kuril. The whole report of the day coming soon. 

We’ve just got back from the trip to the Czech Republic where the World BikeTrial Championship BIU 2019 took place over the week from August 12th 2019.

 WBC 2019 Arvis

World BikeTrial Championship 2019, last competition day in Kramolin with Junior, Senior and Elite for the last challenge of this amazing competition, today 17th of August 2019. 

WBC 2019 1a

The first competition day of the World BikeTrial Championship 2019 was done yesterday 13th August 2019 in Kramolín (CZ), we will publish a whole report as soon as possible. Now yuo can read ranking and see photo service by Mr. Kůřil. See you in Kramolin. 

wbc 2019 Awards

The World BikeTrial Championship 2019 is over today 17 August 2019 in Kramolin with the final Award Ceremony with nominations of the new World BikeTrial Champions in each the BikeTrial category. 

WBC 2019 Award 2

The first couple of competition´s days of the World BikeTrial Championship 2019 end in Kramolin the 15th August 2019 with the award ceremony, you can see here the photo service of this day. 

WBC 2019 Entry List

All is ready in Kramolin for the next World BikeTrial Championship 2019 that will be held from the 12th August 2019, with the official Open Ceremony, till 17th August 2019 with the final awards ceremony for the new World BikeTrial Champions.