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Federico Tarchi

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019 12:53


We’ve just got back from the trip to the Czech Republic where the World BikeTrial Championship BIU 2019 took place over the week from August 12th 2019.

Yet again we followed the already established, and successful, formula “two races in one location” – on the 13th and 14th for categories of Group A (Junior, Senior and Elite) and Group B (Poussin, Benjamin, Minime, Femina and Major) , while the second round was on the 16th for Group B and 17th for Group A.
Automoto Klub Nepomuk (AMK), situated at the edge of the town of Kramolin (Plzen), with its facilities became the ideal location for this year’s WBC. Motocross and Sidecarcross races usually take place in this large area, but also Moto Trial and BikeTrial races are often organized there. Now it was our turn to animate a week of competitions. The camping area is large and located at various levels as it is carved into the hill side. There are two permanent structures with bathrooms and showers, two small swimming pools, two stages and two other structures for bar and race direction.

Sections were located in the wood that surrounds the area. Natural ground and large rocks without artificial obstacles fit perfectly to our sport. Group A competed in 10 sections x 2 laps and Group B in 8 sections x 2 laps. As for the technical side, zones were long “up and down” on these big rocks. One of them looked like wall of rocks and soil reminding us of a quarry. Riders had very little time to rest and concentrate in order to complete the sections. Very typical for a Czech race. The difficulty of the zones was perfect for a competition of this level except perhaps for the "reds" (Junior and Senior categories) in the first race. They were technically excellent, but all really long. Except the first section, riders were short of time. If two or three sections were a bit shorter, or with one gate less, leaving the others unchanged, we would have had perfect crescendo of difficulty. But, that’s life and one must face also this in a race.

Regarding weather conditions, let’s say it wasn’t exactly summer. It was very variable with clouds moving, alternating with rain and sun. Consequently, the temperature range changed a lot.

Vashek foto sito


As for results, in Poussin category Michal Nagy (SK) won both races, second place for Alex Rodriguez (CAT) who got two second places. Third place for Mikolaj Wozniak (PL).
Also in Benjamin category the winner dominated both races. Vojtech Veprek (CZ) won the title. Vojtech Hribek (CZ) got the second place and Marek Nagy (SK) was third.
In Minime category positions were incredibly tight instead. In the first race Marti Esquerda (CAT) and Nil Benitez (CAT) closed the race with just one penalty, but the first won the race thanks to time. On third place Rene Vymetal (CZ). In the second race the Czech rider won the race with 5 penalties, Nil Benitez was second with 8 penalties (a “5” on fourth section in the second lap was crucial for him) and Marti Esquerda was fourth. So, Rene Vymetal got the title as he did no “5” in the whole competition which turned out to be the key for the victory. Nil Benitez was second and Marti Esquerda was third. Anyway, we saw incredibly talented riders in this category. We’ll hear about them in the future.
In the Femina category Eliska Hribkova (CZ) finally won the title after two consecutive second places in 2017 and 2018. Iva Antlova (CZ) was second and Julia Mallen Hernandez (CAT) was third.
In Major category (over 35 y.o.) Juan Pedro Garcia (ES) won the title. Thomas Francisco (FR) was second and Christian Nicolae Bursuc (ES) was third. These three riders got the same positions in both races.
In Junior category the title goes to Tomas Veprek (CZ). Second place for Alain Rovira (CAT). Third place for Ondrej Krupcik (CZ). This is the second title for Tomas since his success in Benjamin category in 2015.
In Senior category Raul Gutierrez (ES) won easily both races and the title. Note that it is his first title in an incredible and long career. The second place goes to Sergio Fernandez (ES) and the third place to Morgan Remy (FR).
In the Elite category Vaclav “Vashek” Kolar did a great first race dominating both laps (21 penalties). The second place went to Arvis Dermaks (LT) with 34 penalties and the third place to Nicolas Valée (FR) with 37 penalties. This first race was really one of the most technically difficult we’ve seen. All group A categories had really tough and long sections. Moreover, the ground and the rocks were not completely dried after nightfall rain. In these conditions Vashek is almost unbeatable.
In the second race the battle was really tight among five riders. After the first lap Vashek and Nicolas had 11 penalties, Arvis had 13, Amand Mollà (ES) had 15 and Adam Morewood (UK) had 16. The race and the title were still in contention! In the second lap Arvis did an incredible performance getting 0 (zero!) penalties in the first seven sections! His riding and his speed in the zones were amazing. Finally, he did just “3” in the 8th and 10th section closing the race with 19 penalties. Vashek did also a great race getting just one penalty in the section 5, but a silly “5” in the section 6, with a small injury on his right leg, put his race in danger. He managed to stay concentrated and he got just one penalty in section 8 and 10. In the end he got 19 penalties as Arvis.
Nicolas had 12 penalties and was third with 23 penalties. Armand got 12 and he closed his race at 27, while Adam got 11 closing his race at 27. This time Arvis won the race for more “0” and Vashek won the title for less overall penalties. Nicolas got the third place. Armand forth and Adam fifth.
This is the 6th title in the Elite category for Vashek and the 11th in total, as another legend: Cesar Canas.
Arvis did an incredible second race and he had the true chance to win the title. His unique style “take it all or go home” and his attitude in the sections was really impressive.
Nicolas Vallée got the third place in his first experience in BIU and, we think, this is a great result as he is not used to riding in our type of sections and race format. We hope he enjoyed our “old style” and we hope to see him in the future in our competitions.
We want to mention here also the other Elite riders who showed their incredible skills.
Jonas Friedrich (DE) got the final sixth place. Hannes Herrmann (DE) was seventh. Luca Tombini (IT) got the eighth place and Martin Kakac (CZ) the ninth.

Arvis foto sito


This year’s WBC was in a perfect location as for the structure and the sections, however, it could have been organised better in terms of collateral facilities and activities such as restaurant/food truck in place, program during the opening ceremony or on the days when no race was happening. All these things make the WBC a nice event to live. As we always say, BIU is not just about the competition itself.

The actual number of participants was 92. We improved in Major category. We introduced this category in 2016. We were sure that it had a great potential. Lots of “old riders” still want to compete and this year we had 13 riders in this category. Really good! We’re also happy about the participation of really strong Elite riders. Arvis Dermaks and Armand Mollà came back after one year of absence and we had two riders from Germany after many years (Hannes Herrmann and Jonas Friedrich). We had also the pleasure to have Nicolas Valée who usually doesn’t ride in our competitions. In other categories we had more or less the same number of riders except for Senior category and female riders. Unfortunately, we are missing interest in our competitions from riders of middle-high level and from girls. We wish this could change in the future.

We had a constructive General Assembly where we discussed our future and how to be more attractive without losing our identity. We hope to put all the new proposals into practice as soon as possible.

Regarding categories, we can anticipate that the names will change in 2020. The age split will be every two years (and not every three years as at present). We’ll inform you about the new categories in detail as soon as possible. Moreover, there are new people in the Presidium. Mr. Jordi Casablanca from Catalunya, Mr. Ralf Hesse from Germany, and Mr. Tomas Herka from the Czech Republic. Welcome to all of them! Thanks to them and their associates we have new ideas and new energy for the future. Thanks also to Jonas Friedrich for attending the GA as a guest and for sharing his suggestions. It’s important to receive feedback from riders and it’s always great to hear those who want to help our sport.

As for the 2020 calendar, we have already two candidates – one for European Championship in La Tour de Scay (FR) and one for WBC in Reinosa (ES).
We’ll let you know all the details as soon as they become official.

Nico foto sito


Our first thanks go, as usual, to all the volunteers and observers without whom such an event would not take place.
Thank you to the organizer, Ceska Motocyklova Federace. The director of the competition, Mr. Vladimir Pavlik and his collaborators David Cep, Jirka Barvenicek and Josef Herka.
Thanks to Giuliano Gualeni (General Secretary of BIU) for all his efforts to "keep the ship afloat". As usual.
Thanks to Trial Section (Lukas & Lucka) and Biketrial Kyjov for all the pictures and video from this WBC.

Last, but not least thanks to sponsors who have supported BIU this year: Liko-s, Calibra and Algo. 

That’s all for the moment, but stay tuned. We will have some news in the upcoming months.
In the meantime don't forget to check the WBC 2019 video (here below). See you!

Fedoushek for BikeTrial International


Thursday, 04 July 2019 11:35


On Sunday, June 30th, the European BikeTrial BIU Championship 2019 was held in Brumano, the smallest town of Bergamo province, Italy. This race was also valid as the third round of the Italian Championship. 

Saturday, 20 October 2018 15:33

Hannes Herrmann Interview

You can find HERE, on the website of bike brand Crewkerz, a nice interview with Hannes Herrmann about his very first experience at WBC. We also copied the entire interview HERE in Google Translator for your convenience.  

We are glad to hear that Hannes enjoyed our races. At the same time we regret to read that other German riders would like to compete in our competitions but they are prevented to do so. We shouldn't build boundaries in our small sports. We should accept all interested riders to compete in races of all federations. We are interested to hear your thoughts on this!


Hannes Herrmann roule maintenant depuis plusieurs années sur des vélos Crewkerz. Le talentueux pilote allemand n’est pas seulement un compétiteur de haut niveau puisque sa principale activités consiste à effectuer des démonstrations de trial lors de divers évènements, qu’il s’agisse de manifestations sportives ou de spectacles au sens le plus large du terme, le tout au sein d’une structure professionnelle de qualité. Hannes, de manière un peu improvisée, a décidé cette année de participer aux Championnats du Monde de biketrial qui se déroulait courant aout en Sardaigne. Notre valeureux pilote est allé décrocher un titre mondial Sénior lors de cette épreuve organisée sous l’égide de la BIU (Biketrial International Union), une fédération parallèle au circuit plus traditionnel de l’UCI (Union Cycliste International). Alors Hannes, cette expérience en Sardaigne ?

WBC 2018 Podium Senior

Hello Hannes, tu viens de rouler en Sardaigne à l’occasion du mondial de biketrial BIU. Pourquoi cette décision ? Avais-tu déjà roulé sur des courses organisées par cette fédération ?
Ce fut réellement une inscription de dernière minute. L’un de mes shows a été annulé et je me suis retrouvé avec du temps libre. Un ami avait déjà prévu de se rendre en Sardaigne sur cette course et nous en avons parlé à ce moment-là. J’ai réservé mon vol seulement deux semaines avant l’épreuve et nous nous y sommes rendus ensemble. Ce n’était pas ma première participation BIU, voilà plus de 10 ans de ça j’y avais déjà posées les roues. Le problème est que la fédération allemande (ndr : sous égide UCI) a toujours interdit à ses pilotes de prendre part aux courses BIU. Pour cette raison, afin d’éviter les sanctions, je ne m’y suis plus jamais rendu. Aujourd’hui les choses ont changé : je roule en compétition uniquement pour le fun, mon job c’est le show, et j’ai pris le risque de prendre à nouveau le départ en BIU. De nombreux pilotes allemands aimeraient pouvoir participer à ces courses. Ils ne le font pas par peur des conséquences, comme moi autrefois. Bon, pour l’instant ma licence n’a pas sauté (rire), c’était génial de rouler sur ce championnat. 

Tu as gagné ta catégorie, te voilà Champion du monde ! Que penses-tu du niveau BIU ?

Le niveau en Elite est impressionnant, surtout pour un pilote comme moi qui est habitué aux tracés UCI. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai souhaité m’aligner en Sénior afin de vraiment m’amuser à franchir les obstacles. Je ne voulais pas entrer dans un jeu de calcul de pieds à poser ou non, juste du fun !

Aujourd’hui, sur les courses UCI, les pilotes roulent essentiellement sur des obstacles artificiels. Heureux de rouler sur terrain naturel en Sardaigne ?
Très heureux oui ! C’était génial de pouvoir rouler sur du pur naturel, comme voilà des années de ça au début du trial. Toutes les zones étaient tracées en forêt, c’était super.

Un mot au sujet de ton vélo, le Jealousy 26 Ultimate ?
Proche de la perfection, une fois de plus. Comme toujours, l’innovation au service de la performance. J’ai confiance en mon matériel, je ne me pose pas de question et c’est ce que j’aime.

 Des objectifs pour les mois à venir ? Et l’an prochain, te revoit-on en BIU ?
Il est évident que mon principal centre d’intérêt se trouve dans mon métier, celui qui consiste à donner des shows. Cela dit, si mon calendrier me le permet, j’aimerais rouler lors du prochain mondial BIU, et cette fois-ci en catégorie Elite !

Congratulations Hannes !
Go ahead !

 (Credit: www.crewkerz.com )


Friday, 17 August 2018 07:32




 And we did it again!

The organization of the World BikeTrial Championship 2018 was a great responsibility for the A.S.D. Bike Club Bolotana. They have already organized the Italian Championship in 2014 and the European Championship of 2016 and also this time Christian Dedola, Francesco Deriu and their team didn’t miss the target. The WBC 2018 was a great success! The event took place on the weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th of August, while the opening ceremony was held in the center of Bolotana on Thursday the 9th. All present nations were invited on stage and a local folk group performed three exciting shows - traditional Sardinian tenor by Tenores Santu Bachis, comunity dance by Folk Group Ortachis followed by a singer Maria Giovanna Cherchi.

On the first day all riders from Group B competed in 7 sections in 2 laps and in 8 sections in 2 laps in Group A. The second race of the Group B was on Saturday the 11th (8 sections in 2 laps), while Group A competed on Sunday the 12th (10 sections in 2 laps).
The sections were located in the Pabude Park for the first race and in the Ortachis Park for the second race. They were built under the wood of the two parks, on a rather solid ground, at about 1000 meters above sea level, with large and relatively rough rocks that allowed an incredibly complete trial technical wise.

The campsite was placed in the Ortachis Park. All the facilities (restaurant, bathrooms and showers, race direction, secretary, stage, etc.) were in a permanent structure of the park. In short, a perfect place and not just for BikeTrial.

The participation was good - 12 nations, 92 participants in the first race and 87 in the second one.


in the Poussin category Jiri Sehnal (CZ) won, Vaclav Kolar JR (CZ) was second and Adam Slzaga (PL) third. Jiri Sehnal showed his potential already last year (third) and we have a confirm this year. Both races were relatively easy from a technical point of view and he didn’t do any big mistake. We’ll see how this young guy will improve in the future.

In the Benjamin category Jakub Mudrak (SK) was first, Aleix Farres Ricart (CAT) was second and Vojtech Veprek (CZ) was third. Jakub Mudrak won the first “easy” race with 0 penalties and he beat Veprek just for the time. The second race was more difficult and he did just one “5” arriving in second place. The other riders didn’t have the same continuity in both races. We have to do a special mention for Denisa Pechackova (CZ). She is just 11 y.o. and she got the 4th place. All riders were really close to each other and, with a bit more luck, she could even win… We have another great talent!

In the Minime category Alan Rovira Campana (CAT) won both races with just one and two penalties. Tomas Veprek (CZ) was second and Diego Crescenzi (IT) was third. Alan Rovira Campana showed an incredible solid trial. No way for the others. Veprek and Crescenzi did really well and they did just few errors but it was enough to not to be able to fight for the victory. The Minime category was at a really high level. These three guys will move to Junior category next year and they will fight for the victory for sure.

In the Femina category Gemma Abant (CAT) got the title winning both races. Eliska Hribkova (CZ) got the second place. Third place went to Claire Laffourge (FR). I followed Gemma in some section and her her technique and flow are amazing. The bike goes always where it has to go. This is her 8th title. No words… Anyway the little Hribkova has a great talent. If she trains properly, she will follow the path of Gemma.

In the Junior category Adam Morewood (UK) won the title. Second place for Guillem Oliver Ricart (CAT) and third Ondrej Krupchik (CZ). Also in this case Adam made an incredible difference winning both races at 5 and 2 penalties. Big difference between him and the other riders. Adam has an unique, amazing style and his riding is ready for the Elite category.

vashek 5


In the Senior, Hannes Hermann (DE) got the title. The veteran Juan Pedro Garcia (ES) came second and the sympathetic Morgan Remy (FR) took the third place. These three riders fought for the victory till the last section. Hannes did a great final lap in the second race and he got the victory. Personally I'm glad that a rider like Hannes, who usually does another style of races, came to Sardinia for a 100% natural riding. I hope he enjoyed our races and he found that "hook the pedal" is not so bad! :)

In the main category, the Elite, Vaclav “Vashek” Kolar (CZ) won the title. Zhao Xuan (CN) was close to him just the first lap of first race, but an error in the second lap made the difference. In the second race he had an illness after third section and he wasn’t able to fight for the victory. Raul Gutierrez (ES) in the first section hurt badly his shin (the classic “pedal return”). He managed to finish the race and he got the third position. In the second race he was able to ride and he was second. In the final classification Raul was second and Zhao third. This competition was the 22nd world championship for Raul. Just to remember… For Vashek Kolar this is the fifth consecutive Elite title. The tenth in total, just one less than Cesar Canas. His skills on these 100% natural sections are unbeatable for the moment.

Finally, in the Major category (World Cup for over 35 y.o.), Rafael Cano Gutierrez (ES) won the title. In the second place David Budsky (CZ). Ivan Molinero Perez (ES) got the third place. These guys are amazing at their age. It's really difficult to compete in BikeTrial, especially after 40 y.o. They do it. Respect.


WBC 2018 on podium


Plenty of pleasing memories will remain after this edition of WBC. Let me name just a few..

The friendly atmosphere at the camping. The local people always ready to help. Czech Team had a serious problem with one camper engine and, with the help of locals, they managed to find and order the broken spare part from other towns in time and repair the van over the weekend. This is just one example. We must preserve the sense of community in our competitions.

As you know, observers have never been our strongest side, but we believe that, with the introduction of international observers, we might be looking to a bright future. Talking with families and riders after the competition, this approach was much appreciated. We have to further improve this formula for all future competitions.

Also participation was good. One would think that the distance from the continent and the extra costs for the ferry in the highest touristic period of the year would influence the overall number of entries, but the turnout was far from these doubts. Lots of riders and families still believe in us…

Another good news is the number of riders in Junior category (10). We are very happy for that. After the WBC 2017 in Pujalt (CAT) we were worried about having just a few entries in this category. We hope the numbers will further improve in the future. We have to convince more riders that there aren’t only 140 cm laterals or 3 meter jumps in life :)

The Major category (10 riders in the first race) remains strong and there’s an improved number of girls (10 including the Poussins and Benjamins). On the other hand, the number of Elite riders decreased. For some riders there are personal reasons, in other cases probably the distance discouraged them from participation. We’ll see next year.

Our BIGGEST THANKS go to all those who dedicated themselves to this event without any financial reward to gain. We have already mentioned Francesco and Christian, but there was a whole community of people behind them. Just think of those who were helping in the restaurant, in the office, at the sections, but also those involved with cleaning and maintenance of the facilities. Thanks to all people from Bolotana represented by the mayor Annalisa Motzo. Thanks to Giuliano Gualeni and Jury who keep the train going. THEY ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS.

Thanks to Alain Remy, who came from La Tour de Scay (FR) in May, to check the location and who gave all the necessary information to set up the sections at the best.

We have now three sponsors to add to the voluntary donations: LIKO-S, Calibra and SPEA. Thanks to all of them. As you know, we are a non-profit organization. Donations are vital for us!

Last but not least, thanks to the wonderful land that hosted us. Go there. You will not regret.

Our final thought goes to our President Hiroshi Hirano who didn’t feel well during the first race. He was taken to the nearest hospital in Nuoro for check. Now that we're writing this article, he arrived in Japan well. We wish him the best and we hope to see him in a good shape at the next WBC.

Upcoming international BIU competitions are:

  • Indoor World Elite Cup in Barcelona. September 15th.
  • European Cup in San Fruitos de Bages, Catalunya. October 6th.

See you soon!

PS: about the next year we've already some strong candidature. We'll write an article at the right moment, but we can anticipate that we'll return in a really historical place after many, many years.

Keep in touch ;)



Wednesday, 14 March 2018 22:56

Catalan Championship 2018 - Round 1

On Sunday 25th of February, the first round of Cataln Championship took place in Odena.
56 riders competed in the same location of WBC 2014 and 2015.
Here below you'll find a nice video by Marc Vinas Tapia. Probably some of you will recognize some part of the sections where the world championship 2015 took place. At least, I think I remember them! :)
You can find pictures and all the classifications on www.biketrial.cat.
Keep in touch!

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 10:18

Interviews - Stephane Ceccarelli

Today we have a little bit different interview. Today we speak with a 49 years old guy who decided to do… A World Championship!
Since 2016, BIU has introduced the category “Major”, reserved to all "over 35 y.o." riders and give the chance also to the "old guys" to keep their passion alive and, why not, go back to racing.
We're curious to understand the point of view of one of them: Stephane Ceccarelli from France. I saw him during the WBC in Pujalt and I was impressed about his spirit.
So, let's start!

Hi Stephane! Glad to hear you! Let’s start with an introduction. Tell us something about you.

Briefly, I'm 49 years old. I'm the father of three sons and married to Celine. I've been working in the bike world for a long time. We live in the south of France.
I go a lot by mountain-bike, bmx, road bike and trial. Trial is a lifestyle for me, I try to practice it every day.

When did the passion for BikeTrial start?
When I was young I was interested in the mototrial. Later, discovering the mountain-bike, I did my first races. It was 1992 and Bruno Fernandez organized the first French trophy of moutain-bike trial.
I still have that bike: a Cannondale M600.

Have you competed in other races in the past at a national and international level before this WBC?
I competed in several national trophies, but I was much younger!

So, WBC 2017 was your first one.
Absolutely, but not the last one. I plan to go to next editions with the whole family, like last year.

The French Team in Pujalt

Wandering through the sections, I relized that you had a lot of fun. You were there with the whole family. How was this experience agonistically and personally?
Agonistically it was very difficult! But it's also normal, it was a WBC and not a local race. In my opinion the sections were very interesting and with different grounds.
The other riders have a very good level and an excellent spirit. On a personal level it was a beautiful human adventure. We spent a wonderful week with my family. Everyone wants to come back! 

I'm glad for that. Actually this is the most important thing at last. Now I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about trial in general.
In the last years there is a tendency to train and compete on artificial obstacles. Big jumps, big gaps instead of natural grounds that, maybe, are less visually spectacular, but very demanding from a technical point of view.
Is it just a my idea, or do you have this impression too?
It's true for me too. Today the priority is the show. But in the mototrial, they manage to do both, so why not to do the same with bikes? I like the artificial obstacles, but the natural ground is the basis of the trial. Thanks to the BIU of preserving this.

7. Every time I read an interview to a rider of every level, the key words I read more and more often are: "Media". "Sponsor". "Show".
There's nothing wrong also because, without sponsors, it is difficult to organize races or compete at the highest level. However,
I hardly read about competing also for a life experience, being with friends and people with the same passion, visiting places and understanding different cultures, teaching children the values ​​of sport and life. It seems that the only goal is the final result and the material and "visual" return that you can get. What do you think about it? Do you agree or I have a too much idealistic view of the sport?
In my eyes, the best result is first of all human and the memories we keep forever. Sometimes we do not remember the name of the winner, but we remember the adventure we lived. My sponsor is my wife!

8. If you want to add something that I did not ask you, but you would like to express, write it here!
I tell to those who want to try the WBC adventure next year, to have no doubts. We come back different. Happy to have shared a great moment. And do not forget, keep riding!

Steph, thank a lot for this interview. Say "ciao" to all your family. See you to the next WBC in Sardinia!


Finally, we don’t forget that Stephane is the author of the wonderful article on Tribalzine.com about WBC 2017.
And here a photoshot of Steph and his family during the races.
And here again a really funny video. I do suggest not to missi it!

See you soon, guys.

Saturday, 27 January 2018 10:06

Interviews - Vashek Kolar

Hi guys! Happy new year to all!
Some week ago I did this interview with with Vaclav "Vashek" Kolar.
We spoke freely about personal goals, good sides and also bad sides of our world. The situation of our races, the importance of social media, the behavior of new generations, ecc.
In the end a nice interview came out and you’ll find lot of topics to be think of.
Now it’s time to share with you. Here you are!

Ciao Vashek! First of all thank you for your time.
1. What do you think of your personal 2017? What went well and what didn’t go as you expected.

I think the year 2017 was a rather successful one. I had many different exhibitions, made interesting video edits and managed to win the World Cup in Barcelona and, more importantly, I got the ninth title of World Champion in Biketrial in Pujalt, Spain. When it comes to the number of titles, I'm getting closer to legends like Dani Comas, Cesar Cañas and Ot Pi, haha . Last, but not least I was quite pleased with the 8th place at UCI World Championship in China.


2. What do you think of your level at this point in your career? Do you think you’re at the best, or you can improve something technically, physically, mentally, etc.?

Of course, it is necessary to continue working hard and to keep yourself in top form. During the season, I know exactly when I’m in a good form and when I'm not at my best. Gym, crossfit, jogging, balanced diet and training on the bike itself certainly help me a lot. I was resting a little bit recently and enjoying myself on a street trial 24" bike, but it's time to get back on track and start training.

3. Goals for next season?

Surely focusing on the world races and trying to get the best results possible. I would also like to get on with our video series Bike O'clock and I have a few personal projects and goals.

4. About your opponents for WBC, in Pujalt I was impressed about the progress of Zhao Xuan. Do you think he is the most dangerous contender for you next year?

Well, first it was Dani Comas, then Raul Gutierrez, who is in a great shape and, in my opinion, is one of the best riders in the world in terms of balance and technique. Zhao Xuan really surprised me this year. He is explosive, but that’s not all in the race. He has improved a lot technically and has made a major shift over the year. I had an opportunity to get to know him better in Barcelona and he is really a good guy. There are also many younger riders improving a lot. Let’s see how everyone will do during this season.

5. If I’m not wrong, you have won 9 titles in your career. Cesar won 11 and Ot 12. Do you think you can get them?

Ot told me last year and the previous one too "Hey Kolar, stop!" hahahaha Anyway, times have changed and I really respect these former riders. I have always had them as a lead!


6. Your bike is Monty OS carbon that is beautiful. How is going with it? Can you tell us if there’s any update on the bike for 2018?

Monty M5 is a super bike and its geometry fits me. I will continue on the Monty M5 carbon bike in 2018 as there’s satisfaction on both sides.

7. Other projects besides the biketrial?

I enjoy filming videos and having fun. Nowadays, it is certainly very important to promote ourselves on social media. That's why we have launched the Bike O'clock video series with my two buddies. We will regularly release new videos to show different bike challenges and quality riding combined with tricks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @bikeoclockteam.

8. WBC in Pujalt was a nice surprise. Taking into account the last minute cancellation of race in Bueu, the organizer did an incredible job. Have you been surprised too?

Yes, that’s true! I expected everything to be worse. It was a nice surprise and the atmosphere was great too. I personally preferred the second race where we competed mainly on rocks. Big thanks to organizers!

9, Let’s talk in general. What do you think about BIU races. What is good and what can be improved. Speak freely. Critics are costructive, if they’re made in the right way.

I like both federations – BIU and UCI. I like riding bike in general and due to the fact that I started riding as a young kid in Blansko where we were training only on rocks in the woods, I still naturally prefer more technical riding in nature. Nowadays, races are organized mainly on artificial obstacles which, of course, is more interesting for general public. We are a small sport, both under the UCI and the BIU, and it is clear that races which take place downtown have a greater chance to attract public and passers-by, therefore, such races will always look better. I wonder if one day trial will be at the Olympics and I would love to experience it still as a rider, but it probably will not happen. Trial is a great sport and I think it should be ridden both in nature and on artificial obstacles. Both need a very different style of riding.

10. What would you introduce and what would you change?

I certainly think it is a bad decision to cancel prize money. For me, as a rider, it's absolutely demotivating training hard most of the year, participated in races and get nothing in return. There are a few riders including myself who take this sport professionally and give it literally everything they have, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to become really good riders. Clearly, in every sport the best athletes are valued financially and are respected for their achievements. Unfortunately, this is not the case of our sport and many representatives are hiding behind a statement "BikeTrial is a small sport" which, in my opinion and in opinion of other leading riders, is just an excuse. The elite categories (Elite 20 and Elite 26. Ed.) were merged and it would make perfect sense to keep, or even increase, the prize money. A very sad and unreasonable decision was made instead.

11. Speaking in general, don’t you think nowadays we think too much about media, sponsors and results? Don’t misunderstand me. This is absolutely good for sport, organizers, families and riders, but I see that other sides are completely left behind. I sense we’re forgetting the true values of the sport and we’re focusing only on "business". Am I being too much of a critic or pessimistic?

Times are strange nowadays. It seems that everything happens on the internet. In many sports you get evaluated not based on your results, but based on your social media performance and the number of followers you have. Potential sponsors are checking your profiles and are less interested in whether you are a world champion or not. Only Olympic sports are being promoted and supported in the Czech Republic. If your sport is not among them, don’t expect people to be interested in you. Moreover, there’s almost no respect for leading riders even internally in our sport. When I was a young kid, I looked to the best and I had a huge respect for those riders. I still have a great respect towards top athletes, but today’s kids don’t and I don’t even mention their fathers... Last, but not least there are riders who just make up their results and their achievements, no matter what the reality is. All these things make me very angry!


12. Finally ask yourself a question and provide a reply. Whatever you like. Tell what you want. No limits. Hahaha.

Okay, I have a question: Until when will you ride the bike?
Till the last hair will fall off my head.

Thanks Vasho! See you soon. The season is approaching!
Fedoushek :)

Sunday, 24 December 2017 10:42

WBC 2017 - New video part 2

Here another video (the day 2) of WBC 2017.
The riders in the video are: Zhao Xuan, Marco Bonalda, Ben Savage, Domenec Llado Comas, Arvis Dermaks, Armand Mollà and Vashek Kolar.

Thank you again to the Farrar family from USA!


Thursday, 21 December 2017 15:35


EBIC 2017 03

Dear friends,

just a quick note to clarify that the "Elite trip cost contribution" are NOT DELETED, but only NOT MANDATORY for the organizer.
Actually, it's up to him! If the organizer has a strong budget, he can provide as much as he want.

We write this to avoid any misunderstaning about the title in the previous article of new rules for 2018.



Tuesday, 05 December 2017 00:09

WBC 2017 - New Video

Ian Farrar from USA, who competed at WBC 2017 in Minime category, did a nice video of Elite riders.
You can find Zhao Xuan, Raul Gutierrez, Marco Bonalda, Vashek Kolar, Domenec Llado Comas and Armand Mollà.
Ian, thank you for this video and share with us if you have others!


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