BikeTrial Technical Rules 2020

The new BikeTrial Technical Rules 2020 will be valid and used for all BikeTrial international events since 1st January 2020. In this edition of the BikeTrial Technical Rules you will find a lot of news, some very evidents like new Categories or new Ranking System, some very important for the Organizers, Riders and Jury.
Let's find out what's new in this edition (Revision 47) of the BikeTrial Technical Rules 2020

22 December 2019: First update on TR 2020. TR 2020 Revision 47 substitute the Revision 46. 
Modification on Art. 27, podium for awarded Riders and disqualification.


Art. 5 - minor changes

Art. 7 - minor changes

Art. 12 - Technical Control : The Riders can submit in Technical Control 2 bikes but both with the same wheel size

Art. 15 - Continental BikeTrial Cup : Now reserved to the new Group H, can be organized during Continental BikeTrial Championship or Continental BikeTrial Indoor Championship or in a separate event. 

Art. 16 - Continental BikeTrial Championship : Now reserved to the Groups A and B. Can be organized togheter with Continental Cup. 

Art. 17 - Continental BikeTrial Indoor Championship : Now reserved to the Groups A and B. Can be organized togheter with Continental Cup. 

Art. 18 - World BikeTrial Championship : Reserved to Group A and B, host also the World BikeTrial Cup for Group H. 

Art. 19 - World BikeTrial Cup : Can be organized during WBC or a separated event, reserved to Group H. 

Art. 20 - World BikeTrial Indoor Championship :
Reserved to Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class F, to proclaim the World BikeTrial Indoor Champion.
Each competition of the WBIC series can be also named “Gran Prix” as optional addition to the “World BikeTrial Indoor Championship”.
The time limit to pass a BikeTrial section during World BikeTrial Indoor Championship is 90 seconds.
Qualification and competition at times separated by a minimum of 2 hours. 
4 sections for qualification, 4 sections for competition, 8 finalist. 

Art. 26 - minor changes

Art. 27 - Minimum and mandatory moments of the event - AWARD CEREMONY 

The awarded Rider that reject to go on podium (excepting medical issues) will be disqualify for 1 year from all BikeTrial International events.

Art. 28 - minor changes

Art. 29 - Categories: You can know the new BikeTrial Categories 2020 here and here with some examples

Art. 33 - minor changes 

Art. 35 - minor changes 

Art. 36 - minor changes  

Art. 39 - minor changes

Art. 42 - BikeTrial International Ranking : The BikeTrial International Ranking is the method for determining the merit level of the BikeTrial Riders in Group A, Class F and H.
BikeTrial International Ranking is determined, in descending order, by the sum of the Ranking Points conquered during the single competition (as provided by Art. 28) in the recognized BikeTrial events, each multiplied by the category weight and competition value, as valid for the shift period.
Category weight, Group A : Class 1 = 1,00; Class 2 and 3 = 0,50 with SCRATCH; Class F = 0,50.
Category weight, Group H : H1 = 1,00 ; H2 = 0,60 ; H3 = 0,40 .

Art. 43 - Technical Penalization : More understandable explanation, without changes : 
One wheel flying over the ribbon without contacting the ground. (Fig. 2). Front or rear wheel, in the air with a dab, over the ribbon is not penalized, only the dab. Front or rear wheel, in the air, passing over a color sign (stake with color) is 5 points. Front or rear wheel, in the air, passing over a stake without color is 0 points. (Fig. 8).

 BikeTrial Technical Rules 2020 they are not official until the 1st January 2020. BikeTrial International Union it reserve the right to edit the content if necessary.


BikeTrial TR 2020 R46


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