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WBC 2018 - THE STORY Featured

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 And we did it again!

The organization of the World BikeTrial Championship 2018 was a great responsibility for the A.S.D. Bike Club Bolotana. They have already organized the Italian Championship in 2014 and the European Championship of 2016 and also this time Christian Dedola, Francesco Deriu and their team didn’t miss the target. The WBC 2018 was a great success! The event took place on the weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th of August, while the opening ceremony was held in the center of Bolotana on Thursday the 9th. All present nations were invited on stage and a local folk group performed three exciting shows - traditional Sardinian tenor by Tenores Santu Bachis, comunity dance by Folk Group Ortachis followed by a singer Maria Giovanna Cherchi.

On the first day all riders from Group B competed in 7 sections in 2 laps and in 8 sections in 2 laps in Group A. The second race of the Group B was on Saturday the 11th (8 sections in 2 laps), while Group A competed on Sunday the 12th (10 sections in 2 laps).
The sections were located in the Pabude Park for the first race and in the Ortachis Park for the second race. They were built under the wood of the two parks, on a rather solid ground, at about 1000 meters above sea level, with large and relatively rough rocks that allowed an incredibly complete trial technical wise.

The campsite was placed in the Ortachis Park. All the facilities (restaurant, bathrooms and showers, race direction, secretary, stage, etc.) were in a permanent structure of the park. In short, a perfect place and not just for BikeTrial.

The participation was good - 12 nations, 92 participants in the first race and 87 in the second one.


in the Poussin category Jiri Sehnal (CZ) won, Vaclav Kolar JR (CZ) was second and Adam Slzaga (PL) third. Jiri Sehnal showed his potential already last year (third) and we have a confirm this year. Both races were relatively easy from a technical point of view and he didn’t do any big mistake. We’ll see how this young guy will improve in the future.

In the Benjamin category Jakub Mudrak (SK) was first, Aleix Farres Ricart (CAT) was second and Vojtech Veprek (CZ) was third. Jakub Mudrak won the first “easy” race with 0 penalties and he beat Veprek just for the time. The second race was more difficult and he did just one “5” arriving in second place. The other riders didn’t have the same continuity in both races. We have to do a special mention for Denisa Pechackova (CZ). She is just 11 y.o. and she got the 4th place. All riders were really close to each other and, with a bit more luck, she could even win… We have another great talent!

In the Minime category Alan Rovira Campana (CAT) won both races with just one and two penalties. Tomas Veprek (CZ) was second and Diego Crescenzi (IT) was third. Alan Rovira Campana showed an incredible solid trial. No way for the others. Veprek and Crescenzi did really well and they did just few errors but it was enough to not to be able to fight for the victory. The Minime category was at a really high level. These three guys will move to Junior category next year and they will fight for the victory for sure.

In the Femina category Gemma Abant (CAT) got the title winning both races. Eliska Hribkova (CZ) got the second place. Third place went to Claire Laffourge (FR). I followed Gemma in some section and her her technique and flow are amazing. The bike goes always where it has to go. This is her 8th title. No words… Anyway the little Hribkova has a great talent. If she trains properly, she will follow the path of Gemma.

In the Junior category Adam Morewood (UK) won the title. Second place for Guillem Oliver Ricart (CAT) and third Ondrej Krupchik (CZ). Also in this case Adam made an incredible difference winning both races at 5 and 2 penalties. Big difference between him and the other riders. Adam has an unique, amazing style and his riding is ready for the Elite category.

vashek 5


In the Senior, Hannes Hermann (DE) got the title. The veteran Juan Pedro Garcia (ES) came second and the sympathetic Morgan Remy (FR) took the third place. These three riders fought for the victory till the last section. Hannes did a great final lap in the second race and he got the victory. Personally I'm glad that a rider like Hannes, who usually does another style of races, came to Sardinia for a 100% natural riding. I hope he enjoyed our races and he found that "hook the pedal" is not so bad! :)

In the main category, the Elite, Vaclav “Vashek” Kolar (CZ) won the title. Zhao Xuan (CN) was close to him just the first lap of first race, but an error in the second lap made the difference. In the second race he had an illness after third section and he wasn’t able to fight for the victory. Raul Gutierrez (ES) in the first section hurt badly his shin (the classic “pedal return”). He managed to finish the race and he got the third position. In the second race he was able to ride and he was second. In the final classification Raul was second and Zhao third. This competition was the 22nd world championship for Raul. Just to remember… For Vashek Kolar this is the fifth consecutive Elite title. The tenth in total, just one less than Cesar Canas. His skills on these 100% natural sections are unbeatable for the moment.

Finally, in the Major category (World Cup for over 35 y.o.), Rafael Cano Gutierrez (ES) won the title. In the second place David Budsky (CZ). Ivan Molinero Perez (ES) got the third place. These guys are amazing at their age. It's really difficult to compete in BikeTrial, especially after 40 y.o. They do it. Respect.


WBC 2018 on podium


Plenty of pleasing memories will remain after this edition of WBC. Let me name just a few..

The friendly atmosphere at the camping. The local people always ready to help. Czech Team had a serious problem with one camper engine and, with the help of locals, they managed to find and order the broken spare part from other towns in time and repair the van over the weekend. This is just one example. We must preserve the sense of community in our competitions.

As you know, observers have never been our strongest side, but we believe that, with the introduction of international observers, we might be looking to a bright future. Talking with families and riders after the competition, this approach was much appreciated. We have to further improve this formula for all future competitions.

Also participation was good. One would think that the distance from the continent and the extra costs for the ferry in the highest touristic period of the year would influence the overall number of entries, but the turnout was far from these doubts. Lots of riders and families still believe in us…

Another good news is the number of riders in Junior category (10). We are very happy for that. After the WBC 2017 in Pujalt (CAT) we were worried about having just a few entries in this category. We hope the numbers will further improve in the future. We have to convince more riders that there aren’t only 140 cm laterals or 3 meter jumps in life :)

The Major category (10 riders in the first race) remains strong and there’s an improved number of girls (10 including the Poussins and Benjamins). On the other hand, the number of Elite riders decreased. For some riders there are personal reasons, in other cases probably the distance discouraged them from participation. We’ll see next year.

Our BIGGEST THANKS go to all those who dedicated themselves to this event without any financial reward to gain. We have already mentioned Francesco and Christian, but there was a whole community of people behind them. Just think of those who were helping in the restaurant, in the office, at the sections, but also those involved with cleaning and maintenance of the facilities. Thanks to all people from Bolotana represented by the mayor Annalisa Motzo. Thanks to Giuliano Gualeni and Jury who keep the train going. THEY ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS.

Thanks to Alain Remy, who came from La Tour de Scay (FR) in May, to check the location and who gave all the necessary information to set up the sections at the best.

We have now three sponsors to add to the voluntary donations: LIKO-S, Calibra and SPEA. Thanks to all of them. As you know, we are a non-profit organization. Donations are vital for us!

Last but not least, thanks to the wonderful land that hosted us. Go there. You will not regret.

Our final thought goes to our President Hiroshi Hirano who didn’t feel well during the first race. He was taken to the nearest hospital in Nuoro for check. Now that we're writing this article, he arrived in Japan well. We wish him the best and we hope to see him in a good shape at the next WBC.

Upcoming international BIU competitions are:

  • Indoor World Elite Cup in Barcelona. September 15th.
  • European Cup in San Fruitos de Bages, Catalunya. October 6th.

See you soon!

PS: about the next year we've already some strong candidature. We'll write an article at the right moment, but we can anticipate that we'll return in a really historical place after many, many years.

Keep in touch ;)



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