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2017 BikeTrial season go to archive with good memories and the new year is knocking on door. Let's go to know the main news about next season 2018. 

Many of these news have been discussed during last BikeTrial General Assembly in Brno, Czech Republic, at European BikeTrial Indoor Championship. General Assembly works was open with the contribution of BIU President Mr. Hiroshi Hirano focused on this concept: 

"We do not need any enemy to kill our sport. If we do whatever we like, without thinking what we have to do, we will finish BIU soon or later. We have to choose our direction all the time with our policy and our concept. The key words are SIMPLE and do not loose our TRADITION is only connect to the real success of our PROMOTION. I told you many times in my speech that this sport is already very complicate with many rules already. And make it more complicate is stupid at all. We can propose anything but think about if it makes simple or complicate before you discuss it. If it does not meet simple way and might broke our tradition, we should not take it. There is no value on it. Be wise to manage for our sport in the future.

All the news for 2018 season are elaborated on the basis of these concepts: "simple, tradition, promotion" and move in the way of "family sport" already discuss and approved with the "new vision" in the 2014. 


Let's go to know the BikeTrial 2018 news: 

Merging 20 and 26

After 3 years of test with 20" and 26" in Senior and Elite categories BikeTrial didn't grow up in this direction. Many categories are not "simple" to manage for the organizers.
In 2018 Senior 20 and 26 will be merged and the same for Elite. One Elite with his Champion, one Senior with his Champion; more simple.  

Still the possibility to split category; this if there is a minimum of 10 Riders from 3 Countries in Entry List (for each category 20 and 26), minimum level to can split categories Senior and Elite.

Femina new formulation

Since many times we feel is necessary new conditions for Femina Category. BIU General Assembly decide to move to new rules for Femine. This category will change completely with this new formulation. 

  • Female Riders are merged, in base of own personal age, with Poussin (7-8-9 years old), or Benjamin (10-11-12 years old) without other ranking. 
  • Female Riders with 13 years and more will compete in Femina Category. 
  • Stop with Orange and Purple color.
  • Stop with Age-Handicap system. 
  • Stop with Elite Femina. 
  • Femina Category will ride on Green and/or Blue sections. Jury in collaboration with Organizer will decide how much Green and how much Blue section before the start of the event in base of needed level of difficulty.
    A sign at the entrance of the section will say "Femine on Green" or "Femine on Blue". 

Stop Elite Femina

Elite Femina is over. Not promotional, not simple. 
Still the possibility to have this category if at least 10 Riders from 3 different Countries in Entry List.

Deletion of Elite trip cost contribution

BIU General Assembly decide to transform "Elite trip cost" in optional from the Organizer. BIU will not require to the Organizer to provide money for "Elite trip cost" as provided till today. This will be a free choice of the Organizer.
Will be compulsory to report about "Elite trip cost provided" or "Elite trip cost not provided" in Agenda.

This is a very important news for the Organizers, this will help them to reduce the economical budget of the event. Also do not have any possibility to continue in this way for the BikeTrial "family sport". Elite BikeTrial Riders are real gentlemen: They will understand about this decision. 

Small modification in the competition points system

In each BikeTrial event still the traditional point system from 1st position (25 points) till 15th position (1 point). Follow a new system from 0,99 points for 16th position till 0.00 for 115th position. 

Reduction of BIU Membership fee

A news for the BIU Affiliated Members in the world. Is provided a reduction of BIU Membership fee and BIU yearly fee for BIU Affiliated Members. BIU General Assembly decide to modify both "fee" in "donation" with a very small "suggested value".
This will allow BIU General Secretary, during 2018 season, to try to reconnect all not regular Members. 

Other point of discussions / News

Autonomous Region recognition as Nation by BIU

BIU will take care about some request of clarification about the today's status of Catalunya Union in BIU organization. General Assembly take also note on the complexity of the matter and agree to collect opinion about this matter during the winter. 

Central Europe Project 2018 

BIU Treasurer, Mr. Lubomir Janoska, submit to General Assemlby the request to find resouce for a new project about the connection of "lost" Nations as Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Russia.
Will be possible for BIU Presidium to find resource to spent about this project and find internal or external consultant to done it.
Take note about the presence in EBIC 2017 in Brno of one Rider from Hungary. The Central Europ Project 2018 will be showed during the winter, before end of January 2018. 

New BikeTrial categories name system

As requested by the proposer, BIU vice President Mr. Giuliano Gualeni, this is not a point with Immediate effectiveness, it will become effective in the future. This proposal is about the possibility change Category names in the future and BIU General Assembly agree to start discussion in next GA.
The new system will provide to nominate a progressive number for each category where "BT1" will be for today's "Elite", "BT2" for today's Senior till BT7 for Poussin. 
Discussion will be moved to next GA and discuss between Presidium, Nations and TG during the winter.




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