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WBIC 2016 - Barcelona report

WBIC 2016 01Barcelona and the  Autonomous Region of Catalony have a special feeling with BikeTrial. Our sport was born in this Region over 25 years ago, invented by Mr. Pere Pi. On this occasion, his son Ot, a true rider-legend of BikeTrial, organized the World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2016. A magnificent Event we try to explain to you in every details.

The main place of the event was the Major Square of Nou Barris, at the center of an ancient and charming 19th century building. This building houses the offices of the Municipality of Barcelona, who gave full support to the organizers. Eight invited riders at the start of this event, unfortunately an unexpected last minute problem prevented the World Champion Elite 26", the British rider Ben Savage, to be present at the start. The seven riders who came, all have proven themselves worty for World Cup as was that of Barcelona this year. But first things first.

Before the competition, there was the lovely Master Class by Gemma Abant, where dozens of children, in an area near the WBIC competition, were able to use a trial bike and learn the basics of the sport. How many smiling faces and have fun! Other pupils of the school BikeTrial Gemma and Mireia Abant, instead, have carried out more targeted workouts for their growth.

At 6.00 PM the official speaker gave off start the event.  On this occasion, I was invited as a member of the Presidium BIU to express my thanks for the invitation to the entire city of Barcelona. An emotion life even beyond the competition! The competition was held on 5 sections to be covered in 6 minutes max. The 7 riders had to have a ranking and 7th eliminated before making the section nr. 6 in parallel between two riders. Unfortunately it had to be eliminated Spanish rider Raul Gutierrez. The vice-champion of the WBC Elite 20" suffered a nasty fall to the section nr.2, where is injured and has been unable to try the remaining sections to its maximum potential. The clash in parallel were therefore between Vaclav Kolar and Domenec Llado Comas, Rafa Tibau Roura and Armand Mollà, Marco Bonalda and Arvis Dermaks. At the end of the qualifying phase they remained so still in competition Vaclav Kolar (CZ - 6 pts), Rafa Tibau Roura (CAT - 6pts) and Marco Bonalda (ITA - 17pts). 

WBIC 2016 03During the interval of the competition there was the presentation of the members of BikeTrial schools Gemma Abant and Cesar Canas.
The final saw the italian rider Marco Bonalda (I think he was the surprise of the competition) go first to the 5 sections changed from the qualifiers. For him great effort and some 5 pts too, place he on the 3rd step of the podium. Marco was very happy for this unexpected result that confirms his riding level growth over the past two years.  Great battle between Kolar and Tibau Roura for the win. The Catalan rider broke the rear tyre during a jump at the end of section nr.2 and has taken advantage of the option allowed by rules by replacing the tyre within 5 minutes. Czech rider Kolar “rolls over” on Tibau Roura for only 3 pts.

See wonderful BikeTrial Champions, like Vaclav and Rafa (and all others, of course) along sections as dancing is truly magnificent. The official speaker incited the riders and the spectators entertained in a crescendo of emotions! Wonderful moments!
The award ceremony of the podium was the beautiful conclusion of a magnificent event, well organized in every detail by Ot Pi and his collaborators.

See you soon, a new BikeTrial season is about to begin!
Keep in touch.

Fabio Branchi
BIU Organization Director


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