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BIU President will compete in Major category

Hiro BikeTrialDear my friends,

How are you?
I hope you are all fine as usual.
Today I have something to write you about 25th 2016 WBC BLANSKO. WBC this year will be held in Czech on 12 and 13 August.
I will be there. It is my honor that I am still in the BIU as the president (since 1993) and I will be in the post until 2018 at least.

You know a new category “MAJOR” will be started from there. It is a class for over 35 years old and not Championship.
Ride together on the day of Group B on blue sections.

I am thinking about to take part in MAJOR competition seriously. You know I will be 60 years old next Saturday.

There are some problems on my body as may be normal as a man getting older. My last international event was 1996, so 20 years ago already.
I started my practice somedays ago after my looong blank. I know the event in hot summer in the Blansko mountains are not easy for me. But I want to try to challenge if I can still ride BikeTrial competition.
Just ride and better to forget anything in this moment.

I hope this news can help the WBC and MAJOR class promotion even a little.
And I will be very happy if I can show SPIRIT OF BIKETRIAL as a (may be the oldest) BIKETRIAL ider in the competirion.
I hope I could finish it safely.
I hope many people will be there.
Sincerely yours,

Hiroshi Hirano
BIU President

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