BikeTrial International Union new legal address

BIU New Site 2015

As provided by the last BikeTrial International Union General Assembly held in Prague the 06th December 2014, the International Sport Federation named "BikeTrial International Union" will change his legal address.

The new BIU legal site is in Prague and will be executive since the 01st January 2015. Many thank to Mr. Lukas Burianek to hosting BIU legal site to his address since 2013 till today. Many thanks to Liko-s A.g. to host BIU legal site in a space of his property.


The BIU legal address change from:

BikeTrial International Union

Smirickych, 1212

251 01 Ricany



To (new address):

BikeTrial International Union

U Olšinách 2300 75

108 00 PRAHA 10 - Strašnice



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