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World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2014 - Results

WBIC 2014 01 

In Barcelona city center, in the beautiful Angeles square right in front of the Contemporary Art Barcelona Museum and within “Las festes de la Mercè” framework, the Biketrial world championship 2014 was held It is the first time you do in Barcelona where more than 2000 people enjoyed the spectacle of the highest BikeTrial worldwide.
The state organization is in charge of Sant Cugat Cycling Union and the Club BikeTrial Ot Pi, whose team have prepared a brilliant event to say bye to the international BikeTrial 2014 calendar. Well-designed zones, controls and all the needed services nicely organized.

Participating pilots have been:

  • for Catalonia: Dani Comas, Rafa Tibau and Armand Mollá
  • for Czech Republic: Vaclav Kolar and David Herka
  • for Spain: Javi Alonso
  • for Latvia: Ansis Denmark

Planned for the participation of England's Ben Savage, but a last-minute injury has prevented him from participating. We wish you a speedy recovery.

President Hiroshi Hirano began with a parliament and Catalonia BikeTrial very emotional.

At 6 PM, with the perfect weather for practicing sport, 7 of the best worldwide BikeTrial riders started the competition in two rounds. The first was a qualifying round with a maximum of 6 minutes to complete the 5 zones. In this first round, David Herka, Javi Alonso, Armand Molla y Ansis Denmark were eliminated the three riders with best score, Rafa Tibau with 3 points, Dani Comas with 5 and Vaclav Kolar with 10.

In the second round, Rafa Tibau and Dani Comas got a flat tire, but that could not distract them, Vaclav Kolar with too many points to qualify for the title, they have arrived in the last area with just one point of difference of Tibau about Comas. They reached the last zone with a point difference in favor of Tibau over Comas, who has dealt zone 6 with cero. By Tibau making it with cero, he nearly had the title assured. At the last moment, he made a five, which has cost him the title, being Dani Comas who ended up winning the competition taking a convincing victory. Comas closed then his professional career in the best way; having won the World Championship and now with the champion title of the World Cup. It could not have been better than that.

The final was a great tribute to Dani comas, who leaves the active participation in competition with an impressive track record. The competition has been really difficult and there was a great show offered to the spectators, which enjoyed the show by cheering and clapping all the way through the race.

Halfway, the Catalan Bike Trial Union was tribute for the four World championships won by nations with the Catalan Selection. Mr. Xavier Vinyals, president of the “Plataforma Pro Deportivas Catalanas” handed it in the prize. Mr. Ivan Tibau (General Secretariat of sport in Catalonia) and Mr. Hiroshi Hirano (President of the BikeTrail International Union) among other personalities were in charge of handing in the trophies.

We do hope Ben Savage gets better soon. He could not take part in the competition due to an injury that occurred in the last training session.

Thank you very much to: Town Hall of Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona Provincial Council, Catalan Platform pro-selections, WD40 and Monty, without their support it would not have been possible to organize this competition.




WBIC 2014 02

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