Monday, 19 August 2013 18:43

BIU New Address

Dear BikeTrial friend,

during last BIU General Assembly in Blansko we talk about the necessity to move BIU official registered office in Czech Republic.


● That Official address in Czech Republic is required by BIU Statute. Therefore BIU must have official address in Czech also for easy communication between Czech government and BIU.

● That Mr. Lukas Burianek agree to host temporarily in his house, near Prague the BIU Legal Address.

● That Mr. Lukas Burianek still continue to seek one institutional address in a Public building in Czech Republic.

today, August 19th 2013,  BIU Presidium, with Electronic Vote System, approve the new address in Czech Republic.

BIU Presidium communicate


The new BikeTrial International Union (BIU) Official Address from today is:


BikeTrial International Union
Smirickych, 1212
251 01 Ricany

You can see EVS vote report here:


The address of BIU President, Mr. Hiroshi Hirano still remain:


Mr. Hiroshi Hirano

BIU President


with "Presidency Office" definition.


You can see EVS vote report here:


The new address are effective from today 19th August 2013.

Please, share this news.


Best Regards,

Giuliano Gualeni

BIU General Secretary

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