Friday, 29 March 2013 07:48

New Elite 2013

BIU Technical Commission send us the definitive new Elite Rider List 2013. Thank to Technical Commission for this important job. Now will be possible publish bib number and other information for the new World BikeTrial Championship 2013.



Tibau Roura Rafael  Catalonia  
Remy Morgan  France  
Figueras Vinas Juan  Catalonia
Molla Garcia Armand  Catalonia
Zhao Xuan  China
Ansis Dermaks Latvia


The New BikeTrial Elite Rider 2013 list will be registered in BIU Archive from General Secretary at Protocol Number 203. 

Errata corrige inserted the April 02th 2013.

The complete BikeTrial Elite Rider 2013 list will be published very soon.

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