WBC 2018 ... open ceremony
EBC 2018
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BikeTrial Technical Rules 2019

Dear BikeTrial friends, the new BikeTrial Technical Rules 2019 are published and executive for the new BikeTrial's season 2019.  BIU will…

2019 BikeTrial calendar

Here the provisional BikeTrial calendar 2019. European BikeTrial Championship 2019 will be the 30th June 2019 in Italy, close to…

2019 first sunrise

BIU President Mr. Hiroshi Hirano send this beautiful images from Japan: The first sunrise of the new year 2019. Thank to…

BIU Member of ISCA Sport

Dear BikeTrial friends,  after a long admission proces started one years ago BikeTrial International Union is become active Member of…

Hannes Herrmann Interview

You can find HERE, on the website of bike brand Crewkerz, a nice interview with Hannes Herrmann about his very…

Euro Cup 2018 Sant Fruitos de Bages

The second and last round of the European BikeTrial Cup 2018 was held in Catalunya, in Sant Fruitos de Bages,…


   And we did it again! The organization of the World BikeTrial Championship 2018 was a great responsibility for the…

WBC 2018 final ranking

The World BikeTrial Championship 2018 was held with full success in Bolotana, Sardinia, Italy from the 10th to the 12th…

WBC 2018 Competition 2.A

Sunday 12th August 2018 in Bolotana, Sardinia, Italy was held the last competition of the World BikeTrial Championship 2018. 10…

WBC 2018 - competition 2.B

Here you can read the results and see the photo service about the second day of the World BikeTrial Championship…


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